Connection #7

The last few chapters were hard to connect to anything. I think that at the end of the book the book began to become super fictional. Sophie felt super ‘unreal’ and that bothered her. She wanted to be considered real in Hilde’s world. I think that’s how some of us in the class feel after going through this course. At the beginning when talking about Descartes and even Anaxagoras, it made me think ‘am I real or nah’? I think even after reading the book you begin questioning your existence and it can be difficult to deal with. I also connected this to when you real a really good book and you feel like you want to be inside of the book or if you read a super sad book you may feel as if you have been taking your life for granted. I also think you can compare the Garden party book to the average kind of teenage party. It got really strange when Joanna and the guy Jeremy (I think) started making out. There are lots of awkward moments like that in high school and it can make people feel super uncomfortable. I think that overall Sophie is a super well rounded person and she tries to retain information super easy. I connected that to the average student and how information is literally shoved down our throats. Sophie was literally learning a new lesson every single day and I could barely do it in the two-three day span we would learn stuff in class.

Overall I think Sophie’s world was a super good book and it made philosophy easier for me.


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